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Do as I say Not As I Do!

I went to the Health and Wellbeing@Work conference this last Wednesday. It was very good with lots of excellent exhibitors and talks.I went to some of the talks chaired by Professor Peter Buckle and the subject of changing cultures and also bad habits of children using technology came up. The professor took a straw poll […]

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Dining Tables used as Desks

When talking with therapists I the subject of home working and back pain often comes up. Quite a few people work on their dining table as they may not have a desk space elsewhere in their home.I was at the Interiors UK show at the NEC today and saw an adjustable height dining table made […]

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Has the Back App arrived yet?

The Back App is not a household name yet – although I am confident it will become well known as more people realise how well it can help with a bad back and be very good for your posture. I recently had a drunk ask me if the Back App I was carrying was made […]

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Is the Back App Chair a Household Name?

As I firmly believe that the Back App can help a lot of people to http://www.buypropeciaonline.org avoid back pain or help those that suffer already I am keen for more people to know about it. Most people have seen the ‘kneeling chair’ or have heard of it at least and in time, I think and […]

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What do YOU need to make your life better

A while ago I asked Rachael Carter of the Back2Back support group a few questions – you can see them here One thing we chatted about was what things would help you with the practicalities of everyday life with a bad back. Rachael suggested a few items listed below. The chairs and the desks I […]

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