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Has the Back App arrived yet?

The Back App is not a household name yet – although I am confident it will become well known as more people realise how well it can help with a bad back and be very good for your posture. I recently had a drunk ask me if the Back App I was carrying was made […]

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Is the Back App Chair a Household Name?

As I firmly believe that the Back App can help a lot of people to http://www.buypropeciaonline.org avoid back pain or help those that suffer already I am keen for more people to know about it. Most people have seen the ‘kneeling chair’ or have heard of it at least and in time, I think and […]

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What do YOU need to make your life better

A while ago I asked Rachael Carter of the Back2Back support group a few questions – you can see them here One thing we chatted about was what things would help you with the practicalities of everyday life with a bad back. Rachael suggested a few items listed below. The chairs and the desks I […]

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Construction and Back Pain

I have recently being taking part in some discussions that are aired on the UK Health Radio, Health Kick show with John Hicks as the hosthttp://ukhealthradio.com/healthkicks/ The latest one was about construction and muscularskeletal issues. It was a fairly light hearted chat but did touch on some serious topics so luckily there were some experts […]

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