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Is Running Good for You & Does it Save The NHS Money?

I have started doing some shows on UK Health Radio and the latest programme asks the physiotherapist Chris McLean is ‘Running is good for you?’ and also poses the question does ‘Running and Parkrun, in particular, save the NHS any money?’ It also continues discussions with different professions exploring how their work is physical and […]

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Some Help for a Comfortable Christmas Break

  Everyone has an airport or a flight gone horribly wrong story. Here are some tips on ways to avoid them especially if the small and uncomfortable seats on aeroplanes  can trigger back pain or sciatica for you. If you are in pain and there are six more hours of flight left then it doesn’t […]

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Hypermobility – what is it?

I recently spoke with Dr Dean Halfpenny of The London Orthopaedic Clinic and Gina John of the Osprey Clinic about the condition of hypermobility. The interviews are available here on UK Health Radio – it is the second part of the programme. The contact details for both clinics are below. As well as helping to […]

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