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Do you work from home?  – a lot of people do. I do and it works out well for me generally as it does for a lot of people. However this week is the Chiropractic Awareness Week and they have some suggestions for keeping it a productive and useful thing to do without ending up with back, […]

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Radio Interviews and Round Table Discussions

Round Table Discussions and Radio Interviews While I have been running Relaxback UK I have been a guest on a couple of radio shows and also have arranged a few round table discussions with some very knowledgeable, influential and also entertaining people. I have mentioned a few of them below along with links to the […]

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How Long Should You Use Crutches For?

You have broken your ankle and it hurts but you can still get about on crutches. How long until the doctor suggests that you get rid of them and start walking unaided? Hopefully as soon as is sensible because that will help you recover strength in the damaged area and not using your muscles properly […]

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Stand Up, Get Slimmer, a Better Posture and Live Longer

STAND UP, GET SLIMMER, A BETTER POSTURE AND LIVE LONGER ‘Standing has benefits for improving your posture and therefore back pain, it improves circulation and therefore cardiovascular health and it also promotes greater mobility in general.’ This is from Professor Kevin Fenton, the national director for Health and Wellbeing at Public Health England, which is […]

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