Eddie The Eagle on Fear etc, Vote for Me and Attracting Older Staff To Your Workforce

This week on the RELAXBACK UK SHOW I speak with ski jumper Eddie The Eagle, ask for your vote and cover the important topic of attracting older staff to your organisation.

Listen here to learn how Eddie The Eagle uses fear to focus his mind. This reduces the chance of mistakes and hence the chance of injury. He also has a training regime to help reduce the risk of injury. Ski jumping is very dangerous though and he has been injured!

Christine Chritchley of System Concepts talks about the importanc of retaining and attracting older staff in a modern workforce. Listen here to learn why it is important to your business and what you need to do.

ALSO PLEASE VOTE FOR ME. I have entered the Janey Loves 2019 Platinum AWARDS. See the video for details – I have put forward the Relaxback UK show, the Back App Chair and the Active Stand. Vote for me here and give the brand as Relaxback UK followed by which of the three products you are voting for.


Thank you for reading, please do listen to the Relaxback uk show and ask any questions or make comments below. AND PLEASE DO VOTE FOR ME.

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