Rugby International George Kruis Sells CBD Oil and Swearing is Effective for Pain Control

In this weeks RELAXBACK UK SHOW hear England Rugby international George Kruis talk about the company he has started that sells CBD oil and also the ‘sweary scientist’ Dr Emma Byrne talks about research work at Keele University that shows swearing is effective for pain control.

George Kruis plays second row for Saracens and England and with teammate Dom Day has started a company called FourFive CBD that sells CBD oil and other products. Hear him talk about the products, the benefits he says he gets from them and how their product has to be tested vigorously here on UK Health Radio.

Also listeners to the Relaxback UK show will get 20% off retail prices on FourFive CBD products. Use the code Relaxback20 on their website to get your discount.

Who would of thought that swearing might be good for you. Dr Emma Byrne is known as the ‘Sweary Scientist’ and explains all here. She explains the research of Dr Richard Stephens of Keele University.

It seems that bad language really can help to reduce the pain that you feel. Many of us do it if we stub our toe or hit our thumb with a hammer but listen here to see that swearing is effective for pain control. .

Fourfive Cbd Sports Supplements

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